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NB: Policies must be purchased a minimum of 14 days before the ceremony date

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We know you want your wedding day to be the greatest day of your life, filled with special memories that will last a lifetime.

We also understand that this means a substantial investment of time, hard work and money to make your wedding day the best it can be, and buying wedding insurance may be the last thing on your mind.

However, what would you do if the unexpected happened? What if you had to rearrange or even cancel your wedding or civil ceremony altogether?

That's where Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance comes in. With prices starting at just £46 and offering 8 different levels of cover, to suit a range of budgets and requirements, we're here to protect you financially should the unexpected happen on you special day. Below are some key features of Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance cover:

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Why Buy Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance?

Dreamsaver is a Multi-Award-Winning Wedding Insurance provider. We've been providing wedding cover for over 20 years and protected over 50,000 ceremonies. And we've even named Best Wedding Insurance Provider in the UK, so you can rest assured that your wedding is protected by one of the best in the business.

At Dreamsaver, we recognise it's unlikely the Marrying Couple will be the only contributors to the wedding, that's why anyone with a proven financial contribution, for example parents, can take out a wedding insurance policy in the Marrying Couple's name.

If you're having a wedding celebration with multiple events, such as an Asian Wedding or maybe a weekend wedding, then we've got some great news for you. Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policies can insure weddings with up to 6 events, provided they all take place within a period of no more than 94 days. Not only this, you can also tailor your Dreamsaver Policy with the following options:

With prices starting at just £46, click the 'Get a Quote' button below to see if we have a wedding insurance policy that's right for you.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cover Extension - Available on Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance was one of the FIRST UK Wedding Insurance Providers to offer policies with the option to cover your wedding against cancellation or rearrangement due to either of the Marrying Couple (or a Close Relative) contracting Coronavirus, including COVID-19, within 10 days prior to the Wedding Ceremony.

Simply add the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Option when buying your policy, after selecting your level of cover.

Please see the policy wording for full terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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Please Note: Policies must be purchased a MINIMUM of 14 days before the ceremony date.

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For more information about Wedding Insurance in general, you can visit our ‘What is Wedding Insurance?’ page.

Still Unsure Which Level of Cover You Need?

You can use our handy Wedding Cost Calculator to help decide which policy is best for you. Most couples choose the level of cover the meets the total cost of their wedding, or civil ceremony. Click here to use our wedding cost calculator

What Else Does Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance Cover?

Whether you're planning a traditional wedding or a civil ceremony, Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance offers cover for both! And our Wedding Insurance can cover up to 6 events - such as an engagement party before the wedding, wedding reception, wedding ceremony and additional gatherings, for example a brunch event the following day. Additionally, our policies can also provide cover for ceremonial attire, cancellation, wedding gifts and much more.

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance not only covers you on your special day but also provides cover for any deposits or payments made PRIOR to taking out one of our policies. So if you've already booked with your dream venue, or already paid a deposit to the caters, don't worry, those payments are covered on your Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy.

And if something happens that forces you to cancel or rearrange your wedding or civil ceremony at short notice, for example, you planned for an outdoor ceremony, but the weather turns, and now you, the wedding party and most of the guests can no longer attend the ceremony, don't worry.

With Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance, you are covered for cancellation up to £80,000 with our Diamond level policy, and you are covered for adverse weather too!

NB: All policies must be purchased at least 14 days in advance of the wedding date.

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance will provide you with the financial protection you need for peace of mind leading up to and including your big day and with policies starting from £46, why not see if we have a wedding insurance policy that’s right for you.

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Why do I need a wedding Insurance policy?

When planning what will be one of the biggest and most expensive days of your life, no one wants to think about what could go wrong. Sadly, the unexpected can and does happen, and you may end up having to cancel or re-arrange your wedding for a wide range of different reasons.

Did you know that the average cost of a UK wedding has been steadily climbing and is now more than £20,000? This is a large financial investment for any couple, and for anyone else contributing to the wedding costs.

Hence, it makes good sense to take a wedding insurance policy to protect your financial investment in your special day should something go wrong.

Even if the day goes ahead as planned, other problems can arise, and Wedding Insurance helps you to sort them out and cover unexpected additional costs.

When should I take out a Wedding Insurance policy?

Ideally, you should take out a Wedding Insurance Policy as soon as you've paid any deposits or signed a contract to book your venue or wedding suppliers. You can take out our wedding insurance policy at any time up to 24 months (2 years) before your wedding day or civil ceremony.

Is my honeymoon covered by Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance?

No - you'll need to take out separate travel insurance for your honeymoon, which would normally include cancellation cover if you were not able to travel as planned.

Is my overseas wedding covered by Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance?

Yes - you're in the right place as you can get destination wedding insurance from Dreamsaver! All Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policies include cover for costs and items specifically relevant to the wedding itself, including the wedding rings and wedding attire for Overseas Weddings as standard. Additionally, our policies can cover essential documents you need for your overseas wedding should they get lost or damaged before the ceremony.

However, please note our Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance does not cover the cost of the trip abroad itself.

How much does Wedding Insurance cost?

The cost of wedding insurance depends on the level of cancellation cover you have chosen and whether you have added any extensions to your wedding insurance policy.

The current prices for Dreamsaver wedding insurance without any extension are: Sliver - £46.00, Pearl - £57.00, Gold - £75.00, Amber £83.00, Platinum - £130.00, Sapphire - £235.00, Ruby - £320.00 and Diamond - £400.00

For more information about what the different levels of cover, Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance can offer, you can visit our Wedding Insurance Comparison page.

I have already paid arranged services with my wedding suppliers and paid a deposit. Will my policy cover this?

Yes ‐ Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance provides cover for any deposits or payments made PRIOR to taking out one of our policies. So, if you've already booked the venue you've always wanted, or already paid the deposit for the caters, don't worry, those payments will be covered on your Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance policy. Provided you are not aware of any particular circumstances that may give rise to a claim when you take out the policy.


*Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance was voted Best Wedding Insurance Provider in the Insurance Choice Awards in 2016 and 2018


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